So many new things in progress!

I have been very bad lately about not keeping the blog  updated, but I have been so busy coming up with  and out with new writings! Here recently, I’ve come out with A Gathering of Sorrows , which is the second volume of The Benson Family Chronicles. I also came out with a new book, called Less Than Humble Beginnings, which is the first in a new series called ‘Growing Roots’ I am now working on. Both are really great books (but then, my opinion is very biased, is it not?), and they are both available via Createspace, Amazon, Kindle, & Nook.

As far as individual projects go, I have two running right now. The first one is another southern-style book called “Three Sheets In The Wind.” I’m sure you can guess what this one is about, but just in case you can’t, I’ll be releasing more information on it in the coming days. The second individual project I have under way is the second novella in the ‘Growing Roots’ series. For an idea on how I’m progressing, I’m about 75% of the way done with “Three Sheets In The Wind,” and around 25% of the way finished with the second volume of my new series. I won’t even be thinking about starting the third book in The Benson Family Chronicles until maybe February or March of next year, but I do already have an idea for it!

In addition to all of this, I have also begun a collaboration with two other talented women: Brandi Ellison, and Cory Hammond. Together, we have begun working on a series called, “Think You Know Your States?” There will be 50 books in the series- each one based on a specific state of course- and each one is chocked full of interesting information about each state. There are basic facts, city facts, historical notes, tidbits of information about plants and animals native to the region, notes about that state’s sports…. plus, there are wacky laws for each state, or for cities and/or counties within the state…and as a bonus, we’ve even included two extra sections, which include the most popular baby names, starting in 1960 and progressing every 5 years until 2010, and the population of the state per decade, so that you can see how that state has grown over the years! Our first state is Florida! In fact, the Florida book is nearly finished, and should be (if things go right) be published in just three more days- on the 20th! After that, we are hoping to release one new state book each week, but we’ll  have more information on that after our first release. States that we know will be coming up soon after Florida include: Wisconsin, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Alabama, Alaska, and Texas! If you want to keep up to date on the series, you can check out our Facebook fan page for the series here.

I’ll  try to keep this blog updated as best as I can from here on out. Sometimes I just get so wrapped up in my writings that it’s hard to keep up with nearly anything else! I’m sure that all of my writer friends know exactly what  I’m talking about! haha!


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