Smoking/Health Updates

Smoking Update

As of today, I have been free of real cigarettes for five full days, and am five hours away from completing my sixth full day. The craving for a real cigarette has virtually disappeared, although once in a while I do get a small craving, as is to be expected. I am still using the ‘Strong’ strength of the e-cigarette. If things keep going as well as they are, however, I will be making the switch on down to ‘Full’ strength as of next pay day (the 23rd of this month).

Health Update

Not a lot of you are aware, but I have recently been suffering from a myriad of  undiagnosed health issues. A lot of my problems went away when I quite smoking, such as the shortness of breath and the excessive mucus in the mornings. My fatigue has also gotten a tiny bit better, which is wonderful because that means I am able to do that little bit more work each day. Unfortunately, there have many many other symptoms which have not gone away, and, in fact, have continually gotten worse. Well, I went to visit my gastroenterologist today, and we were able to make one diagnosis, and rule out multiple other possibilities. I have Iron deficiency anemia…again. I had it as a teenager when I went on my ‘vegetarian’ spree, and got rid of it…I suppose the illness missed me, however, because it’s back for a second round. Not only are my iron blood cells too few, they are also too small in size.  That explains some problems, but far from all. The good doctor also suspects that I have acid reflux. He wants to know why I have anemia, what problem would be causing my reflux, and why I have been loosing so much weight. I had a whole new set of blood work done today, and I am scheduled for a procedure at the hospital next week. I will be ‘killing two birds with one stone,’ to coin a phrase, by having both an Upper Endoscopy and a Colonoscopy done in the same day. I’ve been put on an anti-spasmodic medication (because my intestines have been spasming for no readily apparent reason),and directly following my procedure next week, my doctor wants to put me on some acid reflux medication to see if it makes any difference in some of my problems. He is also testing me for thyroid problems, polyps in the stomach or intestines, Celiac Disease, and Addison’s Disease.

The good news is that some things have been ruled out. My heart is in excellent condition, including my blood pressure. My lungs are clear and healthy. My liver, and my kidneys are in perfect condition, I am not passing any blood, and I do not appear to have any gallstones. Hurrah!

So wish me luck on the procedure next week, and here’s to hoping everything gets diagnosed quickly and can be taken care of easily! Thanks y’all!


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