Self Promotion Day: A Rose Amongst Thorns!

A Rose Amongst Thorns is a collection of my dearly departed mothers poetry. My mother was a writer as well, and she had started many projects without finishing them before her untimely death at the young age 42. I knew that she had always wanted to see some of her work published, and once I had worked out the kinks in the self publishing process through my first novel, ‘A Severing of Ties,’ I decided that I would do for my momma what she had been unable to do herself. One of the things I inherited after her passing was her little red folder, which contains all of her poetry, which she had saved throughout her life. I took out the poems I thought were the best, the most touching, and put them together in this poetry collection. My hope is that you will connect with my mother through her poetry and that her memory will live on through this simple task.


Restless Entity

In my ignorance I have robbed myself of
That which others wish never to lose-
I long to have it all once more.
I have forsaken all I’ve ever loved;
I have no escape-
Through eternity;
My quest for peace shall lead me to walk
Among those I have left behind-
I plead for forgiveness;
As slowly they walk away.
Damnation’s sentence;
I will pay for my greed-
When I had everything;
It was not enough for me.


The greenery accepts me.
The skies long for my company.
Together they engulf me.
For a moment;
No time is lost-
I am earth.

The Beat That Does Not Feel

When I reach out, I find only air,
For in Air is all I’m shroud.
People evade me.
I am of stone.
Kept alive only by the beat that does not feel.
Pain is empty.
No longer the ability to hurt.
Lest I die of aloneness?
Of arms void and empty?
Perhaps the brittle shell that is me shall break.
Revile the nothingness that lies within.
Ah, shall there by remorse?
Who will mourn this empty shell?
What have I, emptiness, that is to mourn?
Surely not…
The beat that does not feel!

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