Author Feature: Jeffrey Scott Sorensen

Today’s featured author is Jeffrey Scott Sorensen. He writes in the ‘Horror Comedy’ genre, and his book’s title is ‘Zombies Ruined My Weekend.’ The book can be purchased on Amazon (click here) and also as an ebook for Kindle (click here).  In addition, you can also follow him on Facebook , and check out his website here. Got Twitter? His handle is @SorenJeff. Follow him and his information!

Author Interview

1. When did you first begin writing?
I began serious writing when I enrolled in college courses for a Journalism major. Sadly, the more I learned about that career, the less I wanted to pursue it seriously. I was offered a chance to writer for a local newspaper and was given a few assignments that included interviewing a 12 year old male figure skater, talking to a lady about the relationship with her dog, and reviewing the computer animated film ‘The Ant Bully.’ I felt that I couldn’t write about things that I didn’t care about. Soon after, I started writing for various online websites that received quite a lot of positive attention.

2. What first inspired you to become an author? Who or what continues to inspire you?
The first initial experience that inspired me to  begin writing my novel was when I worked in Detroit rehabbing houses. The day already started off strange enough when we walked in to the house and there was a homeless man and a prostitute in the attic. After we kicked them out, I looked out the window and see a man robbing the house next door. I told my dad to call the police, and it was busy. I was shocked that 911 is busy and replied, “911 is busy?! Are we in a zombie movie?!” That’s where it initially hit me and I started to write with in that first couple days.

Authors who inspire me would be Chuck Palahnuik, Cormac McCarthy, Jack Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson, and Daniel Quinn. Life experiences inspire me as well. I’ve lived a ridiculous life that would be worthy of a few books, but I think most of the people I know would kill me if I wrote anything.

3. Do you ever get so caught up in your own stories that it often blurs with reality?
There have been a few times where I’m writing or reading something that I have written and I lost track of time. I include variants of real experiences in my stories that blend with the fiction I’m writing. There was a time when I was really  in deep in my book and was figuring out a fate for a character and got really sad. I soon snapped out of it, but that was pretty strange.

4. What is your favorite genre to read?
I enjoy various non-fiction books like how to, psychology, science, and humor books. When it comes to fiction genres, I’d say I mostly read fantasy, graphic novels, science fiction, and fictional humor novels. You won’t catch me reading young adult or glittery vampire novels.

5. Does anyone help your stories along when you get stuck? Or do you go it alone?Midway through my novel, I got stuck because I lacked technical knowledge about the military, and I wasn’t quite sure which direction I wanted to go I shot ideas back and forth with a friend who was in the military. He jolted me out of my writing funk and I knew where the rest of it was going to go. For the most part though, I stress and stress and figure it out by myself.

6.Who was the very first person who read your book?
I believe it was my mom. The moment I got my first issued paperback copy in the mail, I gave it to her to read. She said she loved it, but, when it comes to friends and family, I don’t believe anything.

7. Do you have any other hobbies besides writing?
I play a few musical instruments and had this huge intention of being a rock star since i was in high school, and I guess I still do a little bit. I tend to read a lot, which leads me to being the person that brings up random facts in public that relates to almost any situation. I also go to the gym too much. I’m not the super cup off shirt guy grunting while lifting weights guy. I hate that guy.

8. What is one word that you think described you as a person?

9.  Are you organized or unorganized person? Both in writing and in life?
It goes both ways, I guess. It’s either I’m obsessively organized, or I’m shockingly unorganized. It all rests on motivation. When I’m motivated, I make things happen, but when I’m not, I fall into a black hole of worry and concern.

10. Is there anything else you would like readers to know?
Don’t think that you can’t achieve something you set your mind to. I never thought I could write a  book, and then I did it. I have their recurring mantra repeat in my head when I think I can’t do something, and it’s, “Lesser men have achieved what you think to be unachievable.”

Now that you’ve gotten to know the author, let’s get to know his book! Here is an excerpt of ‘Zombies Ruined My Weekend’ along with the cover art!

Zombies Ruined My Weekend

Looking around now everything feels so distant. I was worrying about small things like my cell phone bill and whether I texted too much. Now, I was thinking of calling a lawyer, jail time, and getting pounded by some gang of Neo-Nazis in the laundry room of a maximum security prison.
Still, though, for some reason no cops have shown up yet. The cops in my city would be on your ass if you went 5 MPH over or just because your car looked suspicious. I am really sure they don’t ignore throwing Grandpa into the bottom of a lawnmower, or caving in the skull of a vagrant, that much is certain.
I forgot I was even walking while I was thinking all of this to myself and was already at my apartment door. I go to open it and it’s locked.
“Kacey?! Open the door!”
After a slight pause, the light showing threw the peephole turns dark. I raise my eyebrows with a smart ass smirk and shrug my shoulders.
Kacey opens the door fast with red eyes and fresh tears pouring down. Regardless she was happy that I made it upstairs alive. She begins to grab me for a huge hug but stops quickly with a taken back look on her face.
“EW.” She says again.
“Yeah, I know. Blood isn’t easy for me either, ya’know?”
I walked in and immediately shut and locked the door. I looked through the peephole and turned around back to Kacey. She appeared to be okay, either that or she was in a state of shock. She isn’t the one that killed 2 people.
On the TV, the EMS was going off again. That sound is so distinctive, but its ring grinds into your ears louder when you know that it’s probably related to what just happened. This is the first time that I actually cared to pay attention to it, and finally see the reason for it.
I quickly walk over to my recliner and pick up remote. All that is happening on the EMS screen now are just the same three words repeating over and over again like a Japanese cartoon that will give you a seizure.
“What the hell is going on, Kevin?!” Kacey said in a trembling tone while shaking my left arm with her hand.
I just shook my head. Every channel had the same message, the same screen, and the same words. Usually there was a voice over or something to go along with an emergency like earlier, but for some reason there was nothing.
“Check 2, 4, and 7?” Kacey suggests.
It seemed obvious but it slipped my mind to be more exact when switching around. I tried channel 7, and EMS popped up. Then I tried 2, and eureka! 2 anchors, a man and women, who look extremely tense and over worked, are attempting to report the news that seemed to be quickly coming in from various sources.
“The various national guard check points were overrun by the violent crowds in Detroit and other areas of Wayne County and the surrounding Metro-Detroit areas.”
“The National Guard is urging people to stay in their homes and to not be alarmed, but to be extremely cautious, and to be prepared to stay in their homes for the next day or more.”
“This is some of the footage we got from Chuck McDonald before we got cut off from him at a National Guard check point in front of the Fox Theater on Woodward.”
The Camera cuts to a shot of a man standing in front of a barricade with the usual army looking Hummers and soldiers holding M-16 Rifles.
The reporter was standing there yelling into his microphone but you couldn’t hear anything except the troops running around behind him. The reporter was looking off camera and asking if he was on-air. Troops behind him were beginning to stabilize while aiming their guns in the same direction down the street amongst military vehicles and barricades. Through them you could see what looked like a mob of people, but the camera kept focusing and going out of focus that it was hard to say. It was like that stupid Cloverfield movie all over again.
“Am I on? I am? Ok. Diana and Robert, I am here observing Company F, of the 425th infantry out of Selfridge, mobilize against what officials are calling a “full on metropolitan riots.” Attempts to contact sources outside areas have been successful and what we are hearing is that this is not an isolated incident. Similar occurrences are happening in Atlanta, New York City, and San Diego before communication went down and…”
“The soldiers have now begun firing tear gas canisters into the crowd to stop the crowd that is slowly making its way to the barricades that we are safely behind. It looks like that might have done the trick.”
The reporter signals to his camera man to get as close as he could to the barricade to get a better shot of what was happening. All that was visible was a huge white smoke plume that covered the entire city street like heavy fog on a spring morning.
The soldiers seemed to become a little bit less on their guard after that. The tear gas continued to envelop the street and come closer and closer to the barricade.
The cameraman backed up and the reporter came into the view now wearing a gas mask and adjusting his hair.
“It seems like the tear gas may have cleared the crowd. It looks like the Michigan State University riots back in 99’.”
Over the reporter’s shoulder, the cloud of tear gas had just about reached the barricade. 2 soldiers were talking with each other while one’s back is to the barricade.
“Looks like we might be breathing a sigh of relief now and…”


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