Self Promotion Day One: A Severing of Ties!

A Severing of Ties tells you the story of the Benson siblings, through the eyes of two of the sisters- Willow and Emilee. The Benson siblings grow up in a terrible neighborhood, and suffer from an  abusive alcoholic father and a drug addicted mother. Theirs is not a happy childhood, but the sisters strive to better themselves and their lives, despite their tragic, squalid conditions. Yet only one sister makes something more of her life, despite a few bad decisions, while the other sister is drawn deeper into the world that she once wished to escape. Where will these two sisters end up? You’ll just have to read to find out!


The neighborhood had what some people may call a tarnished reputation, perhaps even worse than that causes you to imagine, but certainly not better. People for miles around knew of the cops efforts time and again as they tried to drive the drug trafficking and the hookers out, but the low life’s seemed to infest the place like rats would an old warehouse full of rotten, stinking, week old cheese.

The block itself had an unvarying smell that reeked of garbage, old refuse, and sewer. Very few of the block’s streets light were in a working condition, casting a gloomy shadow over the neighborhood once dark decided to settle itself in. What street lights did occasionally work, were prone to constant flickering, giving the general area the look and feel of something out of an old Freddy Krueger movie.

The apartment building, which stood in the center of Old Main Street- a proper name since the entire place looked old- was run down and more than a little shabby. There was nothing overly remarkable about the place. It fit right in with its surroundings, and, like the rest of the buildings, was in a continuous state of disrepair.

A lot of the windows in this particular building had boards in them instead of glass; the paint was peeled off in more than one place, and was in the process of peeling off in many others. Some of the bricks had actually came out of the structure itself, leaving gaping holes where they had once been.

Graffiti decorated the side walls by the narrow alleys, separating this apartment from the ones on either side. Even the front was covered with the selfsame, free-lance ‘art work.’

The grass in the front of the edifice was almost non existent, and what greenery there happened to be, was more brown than green anyways. Besides, the few green spots were more likely to be just weeds, instead of grass. There was no grass hardy enough to live in this kind of offensive environment.

Inside of this building were beat up, dirty, one and two bedroom apartments that were infested with rats and roaches, among other unpleasant things. The inhabitants of these apartments were, except for the rare case, included in these unpleasant “things.”

The carpet was balding and worn with age. The walls were thin enough that your neighbors would hear what you were saying, even if you whispered, and many of these walls had holes in them.

It was in one of those hellish apartments, lived Ezra, Willow, Emilee, and Avery.

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